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May 22-24th, 2023

Minneapolis, MN

 Embassy Suites by Hilton Minneapolis Airport


A conference specifically for PeopleSoft Administrators. The conference features talks from expert admins on a variety of topics, as well as hands-on training from Oracle ACEs. The goal of the conference is to expand your knowledge of PeopleSoft Administration and network with admins from around the world.

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10:00  Welcome
10:30  Lab Environments
11:00  PeopleTools Technology Update and Roadmap: psadmin edition (Oracle)
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Implementing Functional ElasticSearch Indexes and Kibana Dashboards
13:30  Opensearch Lab
19:00  Open Lab





08:30  Coffee Talk
09:00  OCI - The journey continues
10:00  Automating password changes for Peoplesoft
11:00  Containerizing PeopleSoft in AWS
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Real time indexing – What works, what doesn't
13:30  Automated Refresh Lab
16:30  cy2 Happy Hour
17:30  Dinner
19:00  Open Lab




08:30  Coffee Talk
09:00  CY2 Solutions Toolkit (CY2)
09:30  Disaster Recovery – Living on secondary site 
10:00  PeopleSoft Platforms Update (Oracle)
11:00 PeopleTools Round Table w/ Oracle
12:00 Lunch
13:00  25 tasks we wish Change Assistant would automate
14:00  Lightning Talks
15:00  Closing


Note: All times Central Daylight Time (CDT)

Call for Lightning Talks

Try a Lightning Talk. These are quick 5 minute, single topic talks. We will be taking submissions up until the conference 5/24. 

Submit to [email protected]



Kyle Benson & Dan Iverson

Monday, May 22nd - 10:00 CDT

Join us for our conference welcoming session. We will be going over the agenda and logistics of the conference. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion as well!

Lab Environments

Kyle Benson & Dan Iverson

Monday, May 22nd - 10:30 CDT

In this very important session, we will be distributing lab environments. Each attendee will receive their own environment. We will complete all setup and confirmation needed to complete the labs throughout the conference. Please make sure to attend! If you can't make this session, please reach out to [email protected] and we can assist you with your lab setup. 

PeopleTools Technology Update and Roadmap: psadmin edition

Sasank Vemana - Oracle

Monday, May 22nd - 11:00 CDT

Oracle continues to invest in PeopleSoft technology. In this session, you will hear about the key features delivered in the latest release of PeopleTools and Could Manager.

Topics covered are Search in PeopleSoft (including our move to OpenSearch), Oracle’s full suite of cloud-ready lifecycle management tools (including PeopleSoft Cloud Manager), analytics, emerging technology, and more.

Implementing Functional Elasticsearch Indexes and Kibana Dashboards

Kevin Feely - UC Berkeley

Monday, May 22nd - 13:00 CDT

Learn how UC Berkeley implemented Functional ElasticSearch Indexes and Kibana Dashboards.  Topics will include configuration, security, challenges, issues, and resolutions to issues.  Lessons learned and recommendations will also be shared as well as our next steps and our plan to migrate to OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards.

Opensearch Lab

Dan Iverson

Monday, May 22nd - 13:30-17:00 CDT

This lab will cover the use of Opensearch and the topic of containerization. 


Open Lab

Kyle Benson & Dan Iverson

Monday, May 22nd - 19:00-22:00 CDT

Dan and Kyle will be hosting an Open Lab session. This is a lab session with no agenda. Come with questions on the labs or any other topics to discuss with instructors and other attendees!


Coffee Talk

Kyle Benson & Dan Iverson

Tuesday, May 23rd - 08:30 CDT

Join Dan, Kyle, and other attendees at this informal roundtable discussion. 

OCI: The Journey Continues

La Minh, Petr Lensky - Los Rios Community College

Tuesday, May 23rd - 09:00 CDT

An update on the journey Los Rios is taking with PeopleSoft on its way to the cloud.

Making Password Change Policies less painful in Peoplesoft

Nate Werner - University of Minnesota

Tuesday, May 23rd - 10:00 CDT

Discuss the various passwords in supporting Peoplesoft, challenges in changing passwords with a large number of environments, and share some tools to take the toil and stress out of password change process.

Containerizing PeopleSoft in AWS

Dave Kimmel - MacEwan University

Tuesday, May 23rd - 11:00 CDT

MacEwan University has successfully transformed its PeopleSoft environment from a traditional on-prem deployment into a containerized application running in Kubernetes on AWS.  We moved from a deployment where most elements of the environment were built by hand and difficult to scale to one where every deployment is automated, repeatable, and easily scalable.

In this talk I will show how we built container images for the different PeopleSoft components (App Server, Web Server, ElasticSearch), how we are deploying these in AWS’ Elastic Kubernetes Service, and how we use AWS and non-AWS services to support and automate the deployments.  I’ll also talk about the challenges we faced, what we did to overcome them, and what our future plans for our PeopleSoft deployment in AWS are.

Real Time Indexing: What truly works and What does not

Gaurav Ohri - The University of Texas System

Tuesday, May 23rd - 13:00 CDT

In this Session we will go through the concepts of Real time indexing. How to implement it and leverage it to perform incremental indexing in Elasticsearch.  However the crux of the session would be about what Oracle delivers and what is actually supported. Latest PUM version delivers a lot of Real time indexes in Campus Solutions, Finance and HCM, however do we really get what we see we can implement ?

We will go through our Journey (University of Texas System) of what was delivered, what could be implemented and the most important part of what is Supported by Oracle? The main benefir of the session would be leverage this knowledge to understand what incremental indexes can be replaced with RTI and which ones cannot be yet.

Automated Refresh Lab

Kyle Benson 

Tuesday, May 23rd - 13:30-17:00 CDT

This lab will cover useful tools and approaches to automating PeopleSoft environment refreshes.


Open Lab

Kyle Benson & Dan Iverson

Tuesday, May 23rd - 19:00-22:00 CDT

Dan and Kyle will be hosting an Open Lab session. This is a lab session with no agenda. Come with questions on the labs or any other topics to discuss with instructors and other attendees!


Coffee Talk

Kyle Benson & Dan Iverson

Wednesday, May 24th - 08:30 CDT

Join Dan, Kyle, and other attendees at this informal roundtable discussion. 

CY2 Solutions Toolkit

Ernst La Haye - CY2

Wednesday, May 24th - 09:00 CDT

Directory Viewer

CY2 developed this utility specifically to address the challenges faced by PeopleSoft Administrators allowing (end) users / functional and technical administrators / developers restricted access to directories on the different servers that make up a PeopleSoft architecture. The directory viewer allows users to view, download, upload, delete, zip (ideal for DMW) documents and folders using a strict and granular folder access security. 

The functionality is commonly used to:

  • Allow developers access to log files on the application server and web server for debugging errors and viewing integration logs.
  • Allow end users the ability to upload and delete files to / from specific directories that can be used as upload directories for business transactions that require external files (csv / excel / etc.).
  • Allow admins easy access for server directories while using the front-end application.

Switch User

 CY2 developed this utility specifically to assist PeopleSoft Administrators when they are providing help desk assistance to students, faculty and administrative staff who call in and the help session requires the PS Admin to emulate/assume the identity of the caller in order to troubleshoot the problem. The functionality comes with audit capabilities, approval flows including the person who’s account is “taken over” and “return to my own user” functionality. 

Switch User can also be used to eliminate the sharing of batch ID’s amongst PS Admins. The PS Admin can sign-in using their OPRDEFN and then use switch user to sign in and run batch jobs as the user under which name batch jobs are configured.

Project Analyzer

CY2 developed this utility to support admins and developers while migrating PeopleSoft projects. The Project Analyzer offers front-end driven validation of the project content against a large number of checks, defined by the institution itself and / or taken from the central repository on GitHub. Checks include obsolete objects, missing objects, Code auditing, validation of content in relation to internal coding standards, etc.

Disaster Recovery – Living on a Secondary Site

Victor Frank - Jack Henry

Wednesday, May 24th - 09:30 CDT

Disaster Recovery – Living on secondary site for half a year.


PeopleTools Platform Overview

Mark Hoernemann - Oracle

Wednesday, May 24th - 10:00 CDT

This session walks you through Oracle’s PeopleTools certifications – including browsers, operating systems, databases, search and other components certified with PeopleTools.

PeopleTools Round Table w/ Oracle

Sasank Vemana & Mark Hoernemann - Oracle

Wednesday, May 24th - 11:00 CDT

Join members of the Oracle PeopleTools Strategy team in an open roundtable discussion. 

25 tasks we wish Change Assistant would automate for us

Frank Dolezal - University of Nebraska System

Wednesday, May 24th - 13:00 PM CDT

  • How automating these tasks saves time and minimize mistakes.
  • What we did to automate them ourselves.
  • Include Scripts that you can implement thru shell, Rundeck or other DevOps platforms .
  • Opportunities for Cloud Manager to help us in the future.                

Lightning Talks

Multiple Presenters

Wednesday, May 24th - 14:00 CDT

Lightning Talks are quick, fast-paced talks given in succession, averaging about 5 minutes in length. These talks are always fun and pack great little bits of knowledge.